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John Cena Workout and Diet plan


John Cena Mini Biography

  • D.O.B. :- 23 April 1977, West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA
  • Birth Name :- John Felix Anthony Cena
  • Nickname :- Prototype, The Franchise, The Marine, The Champ, Chain Gang, Super Cena
  • Height :- 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)
  • Weight:- 240 pounds
The WWE superstar John Cena started his WWE career on 27th june 2002. Cena played his first match in WWE against Kurt Angle, which ended up with him losing. After this John Cena win lots of matches and become a superstar wrestler in WWE. He captured huge of fans worldwide. He is famous for his action, his killer body, his powerfull muscles and firm abs after all, he’s been working out since he was 18. John Cena has muscular body and this is only because of his well planed workout routine and diet plan. If you wanna body like him then read his workout and diet plan below carefully and apply this on your routine. One day you definately get the body like John Cena.

John Cena Workout routine-
  • DAY 1 :- legs & calves:
Seated calf raises-10-20
standing weightless calf raises-4-25
standing single leg curls-4-20 to 25
leg presses-5-20
leg ext-4-15
hack squats-3-15
supersetted with;-
single leg ext-3-10
  • DAY 2 :- chest
incline machine press-5-20
incline barbell press-5-20
machine flies3-15
cable flies-3-15
  • DAY 3 :- Arms
preacher curls-5-12
standing BB curl-3-10 to 12
seated DB curl-3-10 to 12
standing cable curl-3 to 4-12
rope pressdowns-3-20
supersetted with;-
single-arm cable pressdowns-3-10
lying tricep ext 6 to failure
overhead cambered ext-3-20
seated BB ext-3-20
dips-4 to failure
john cena shoulder workout,body
  • DAY 4 :- Shoulders
rear delt machine flies-5-20
machine overhead press-5-20
machine side laterals-5-20
seated military-3-10
DB laterals-3-12
standing BB press-3-10
  • DAY 5 :- Back
Lat pulldowns-5-20
bent BB rows-5-12 to 20
1-arm DB rows-5-12 to 20
Deadlifts-4-8 to 15
high rows-4-20
pullups-4 to failure
  • Note :- ‘John Cena does one set of sixty crunches for abs at the end of each workout’.
wwe champion john cena
John Cena Diet plan
Don’t just think that John cena only trains hard in the gym, his diet plan for much of his success in achieving the physique he has. John Cena diet also help you to get body like him so, just follow his diet plan…..
  • #Breakfast :- 8 eggs, 8 whites, 2 yellows and 100g of oatmeal with applesauce or raisins.
  • #Midmorning snack :- only Protein bar.
  • #Lunch :- Two Chicken Breasts, 100g Brown Rice and Veggies.
  • #Mid-afternoon snack :- Tuna in Whole wheat Pitta Breads.
  • #Pre-Post Workout :- Whey Protein Shake and a Banana.
  • #Dinner :- Chicken or Grilled fish, vegetables, brown rice or pasta and salad.
  • #Evening Snack :- Casein Protein Shake or Low Fat Cottage Cheese Slow Release Proteins.


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